My son, Kylen Austin, has participated in several of the IV STAR SHOWCASE events for the past 2 years. Kylen’s experience participating has increased his skill level and football IQ tremendously. Since playing and representing IV STAR SHOWCASE, Kylen has been nationally ranked landing within the the top 10 performers for 6th and 7th grade. Marvin and his staff has recognized my son for his leadership and strong competitive athletic ability to know he is a dual threat as an offensive player (QB) and defensive player (DB). He thrived on many opportunities that were given from IV STAR SHOWCASE. Kylen has fun and learned from the coaching staff as well as the numerous players he now calls friends. Just from his exposure with IV STAR, Kylen has become a name that is recognized nationwide. Thanks to the many invitations that he has collected from the past two years is amazing. Marvin and IV STAR gave Kylen the additional skill and knowledge to use as a platform for his future success as a “Student Athlete”. Along with expressing the importance of academic success with his home team the Hamilton Tigers, Kylen has positioned himself as top candidate for any school of his choice and then to add his additional values of competitiveness, sportsmanship and leadership as a bonus. I would like to truly express how thankful I am for allowing Kylen to be a part of your movement. We truly feel IV STAR SHOWCASE, Marvin Chambers and Patricia Prevot are family.

Monica Jenifer

To Marvin Chambers and the entire staff of IV STAR SHOWCASE

We wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! Over the last 3 years our son Josephas become not only a better athlete, he has also become a fantastic young man. As parents we try to instill values in our children and guide them in life to be all they can be and respectful of others. Be the best person they can be and give there all, in anything they do.

So let me go back 3 years ago. Our son Joseph was playing in a Spring Season Football game. When the game ended we were approached by Marvin Chambers; he spoke to us about his IV STAR SHOWCASE football game, which was being held in Pennsylvania in November. We listened to what he has to say, took home his paperwork explaining the 3 day event and spoke with Jospeh about it. Of course we had our doubts, IS IS A SCAM? Some of our friends said we were crazy to even consider it.

Joseph was excited at the just the fact someone outside our league recognized his ability and performance on the field to inquire about him playing in an ALL STAR GAME! He was 10 years old and a fifth grader, the team he was going to play on was made up of 11 year old sixth graders.

Marvin said even though Joseph was young, in his opinion he would be able to handle it. So we decided to sign him up to play.

It was one of the best things we did. He played in the IV STAR SHOWCASE the past 3 years and loved every minute of it. Joseph also attended to IV STAR SHOWCASE off season training camps. One of the best things that we have seen come out of this experience, is his work ethic and dedication to not only give his training and effort on the the field maximum effort, and to always give his best as an ATHLETE and a STUDENT.

Anytime Marvin speaks at a camp a game or just addressing parents on the field. The first thing he will STRESS! And I repeat STRESS! Is the STUDENT part of STUDENT ATHLETE, comes 1st and foremost. Education comes before sports. He also instills RESPECT in the kids. To always show respect and good sportsmanship whether its to a Coach, Ref, teammate, opponent, teacher, classmate or just a stranger in passing.

As far as players Marvin and his staff invite to these games, there is a HIGH LEVEL of talent. It pushes the boys to be better. It also makes the boys more social. When they arrive, they must make friends with players they have never met, communicate on the field as teammates and jell as a team. In this type of situation they are OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE and must learn to be more verbal and adapt. We have witnessed firsthand, boys that were very timid and shy on the first day and totally confident and outgoing by the end of the event. All this makes them grow into young men and helps them in life.

“HELPING THE BOYS IN LIFE” and not just on the field.

In our opinion, that is what drives Marvin and his entire staff to do what they do. Knowing them for more then three years and being around them, we have seen the incredible amount of time and effort it takes to put these events together.

We have also seen and spoke to some of the Coaches of the schools that come and view the talent IV STAR SHOWCASE brings to their events. We also know boys that have been invited to attend these schools.

In closing, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND having your child attend the IV STAR SHOWCASE CAMPS and the game if your child gets and invite.

I know we are just as excited as Joseph is to play 2 more years!

To Marvin, Patti and the entire staff.


Joseph and AnnMarie Matone