IV STAR SHOWCASE brings to you the Ultimate 6TH, 7TH & 8TH Grade Youth Football All Star Game. The IV Star Showcase was formed by parents just like you. We have all been to events which promise various benefits. Most have fallen short of our expectations. What began as a “They should have done this and they should have done that”, turned into a full-fledged commitment and company. We have assembled a group of stars, who bring a unique talent to the fold. A team in every sense of the word, who places your child first.

Marvin Chambers – CEO, formed Blue Chip Sports Recruiting to help student-athletes through the recruiting and evaluating process. Marvin brings forth insight and knowledge of the recruiting process which prepares the student athlete for the politics involved. His recruits have attended every major program in the country.

Phil Doman – COO, is President of SB United, a Non-Profit organization designed to give every child a chance to play. He is also CEO of Air Sports Group, a company that focuses on speed and agility, as well as, positional training. Phil has coached various high level football teams from Team USA Football in Texas, the All American Bowl in Los Angeles, as well as, with various teams from youth to high school level. His commitment to the student athlete’s well being is only seconded only by his genuine love of the game.

Jahmil Shakur – National Recruiter, is President of Future Legends Football Academy, a next level training organization focusing on positional training, speed, agility, as well, as nutritional advice. He is focused on taking the child off the streets and onto the field, stressing the importance of education and moral standing. His role within the organization is to recruit talent nationwide to participate in our events.

Melvin “Bic” Jones – Director of Player Personnel, has been coaching in the Tri-County Midget Football League in Southern New Jersey for more than 20 years. He has been known as the `Coach outside of the box`. Bic sees potential in all children. He selected the first Female Quarterback in the history of the league and also incorporated a tutoring program on the field prior to practice, which other local coaches have since adopted. Coach Bic would visit the local schools to ensure academic excellence in his players.


The event itself is designed to put your extraordinary child on the national stage to get the next level, both academically and athletically. Your child was chosen to participate, taking into consideration their academic status and athletic attributes. Academics is first and foremost. With the cost of tuition rising to over $200,000 for average university level schooling, IV STAR SHOWCASE puts your gifted child on the national stage and puts them in line for a sponsorship or scholarship. The game itself will put your child out of his comfort zone and into legitimate competition. It will be his chance to shine.

IV STAR SHOWCASE goes to great lengths to inform and invite Scouts, Coaches and Athletic Directors to our events.  We also film and catalog every game and highlight our camps. At IV STAR SHOWCASE the kids come first. We would love for you to join our family. Our ears and minds are always open to suggestions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Marvin Chambers at